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Other Smartphone Custom Cut Hydrogel Screen Protector


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All Other Smartphone Custom-cut Hydrogel Screen Protector

The Hydrogel Screen Protector for all other smartphones is a versatile and advanced screen protector designed to protect your smartphone from everyday wear and tear. It offers superior protection from scratches and minor abrasions, with its unique material composition providing self-healing properties. The thin, a fraction of a millimeter thick material ensures optimal sensitivity, allowing uninterrupted usage.


The Custom Cut Screen Protector's flexibility allows for full coverage on any screen, even those with curved edges, and adheres seamlessly, ensuring a bubble-free application. Despite its superior protection, the Hydrogel Screen Protector maintains screen clarity, allowing you to enjoy your device's display without any loss in color or resolution. Although slightly more expensive than traditional screen protectors, it's an investment in preserving your device's condition and longevity.


Note: This is solely a screen protector; the case is not included. The case-cut option allows you to select the screen protector's size.

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- All our phones come with a minimum battery health of 85%. For premium phones, battery health is guaranteed to be at 100%.

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