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iPhone 12 Pro Max

Price estimate: Up to 1100 €

iPhone 12 Pro

Price estimate: Up to 1060 €

iPhone 12

Price estimate: Up to 710 €

iPhone 12 Mini

Price estimate: Up to 630 €

iPhone SE 2020

Price estimate: Up to 240€

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Price estimate: Up to 690 €

iPhone 11 Pro

Price estimate: Up to 600 €

iPhone 11

Price estimate: Up to 470 €

iPhone XR

Price estimate: Up to 280 €

iPhone XS Max

Price estimate: Up to 340 €

iPhone XS

Price estimate: Up to 315 €

iPhone X

Price estimate: Up to 245 €

iPhone 8 Plus

Price estimate: Up to 210 €

iPhone 8

Price estimate: Up to 150 €

iPhone 7 Plus

Price estimate: Up to 155 €

iPhone 7

Price estimate: Up to 110 €

Frequently asked questions

Once we receive your phone it will be checked and inspected. If the phone is in the same condition as stated on the sales form we will proceed with payment. If the phone’s condition does not match the sales form we will contact you with a new price. You can choose to accept the new price or we can send the phone back to you free of charge.

No. In order for us to inspect your phone it must be unlocked from any network service provider. If you suspect that your phone is locked to a provider, then please contact them in order to unlock your phone.

Before sending us your phone, please ensure that 1. Find My iPhone (FMI) has been switched off. 2. The phone has been erased. 3. Your phone is unlocked, meaning that it is not locked to a service provider. 4. You have removed the SIM card. Once this has been completed, simply pack the phone in a box and padded envelope. Then attach the DHL Express shipping label we have provided. From there you can schedule your DHL Express pickup.

If you have filled in the sales form but no longer wish to sell your phone to us, you can simply keep the phone and not ship it to us, thus cancelling your sale. If you have already shipped your phone, you may cancel the sale at any time before your phone has moved to the payment queue by contacting our customer service.

If you wish to sell more than one phone, you must fill in a separate sales form for each of them and pack them separately.

The initial price estimate is calculated based on your description of the phone’s condition, as well as the cost of potential repairs. The phone’s model and storage capacity  may also affect the price. This price estimate is subject to change upon inspection. If the phone’s condition does not match what has been stated on the sales form, you will be contacted with a new price. Please note that the offered price is valid for 14 days after you have filled in the form.

If you are unsatisfied with the initial price estimate, you can decide not to sell us your phone. If we have inspected your phone and it is in worse condition than you indicated in the sales form, we will contact you with an updated offer which you can choose to accept or have us send your phone back free of charge.

We do not offer a trade-in service for phones. Selling a phone to us and buying a phone from us are separate processes.

Unfortunately, we don’t buy models older than the iPhone 7.

We will keep you updated on the status of your sale via email. If you haven’t received an update, please be sure to check your junk email folder. If you still cannot see a message from us, please contact our customer service.